About Us

We are a venture with a huge ambition to make a beautiful, interesting, informative, informative and enjoyable magazine to read to the group of people we live with, which are battery manufacturers, lead recyclers and all their suppliers.

We quickly reached and continue to maintain the largest penetration in the lead and battery companies across South America among international battery magazines, and distribute it to suppliers and  institutions of the segment in over 35 countries.

We continue investing to make the magazine increasingly accessible to our entire audience through digital media. Our magazine belongs to the reader: we appreciate all personal or business contributions.

Our mission

Contribute to the development of the entire South American lead battery production chain as its main communication link between customers, suppliers and the technical-scientific community.

Future vision

To be recognized by readers of Continente as their main source of information about the unique aspects of business. And, by its suppliers, as the best means of communication and advertising for its customers in the Region.

We are grateful

We thank all who have supported us in any way in this work.